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It is not known since when the town of Rudolstadt has got a coat of arms. For the first time, it appeared on a seal of a document of 1378. A coat of arms in stone, put up in 1784, can be found above the door of the Old Town Hall in Stiftsgasse No. 2. In the course of time, the shape of lion has only slightly changed, and the present look was declared binding in a decision of the town council in July 1992.


The coat of arms of Rudolstadt shows a golden lion with a crown and two tails on a green and simple escutcheon.


The lion, as a symbol of power and strength, was preferred by many rulers and already appeared in the Schwarzburg counts’ coat of arms in the 12th century. The town of Rudolstadt took this lion, demonstrating self-confidence and sovereignty, but put it on a green field instead of the blue one of the Schwarzburg coat of arms.


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