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Rudolstadt & Residence Whispers


"Lust and Frustration at the Court"

Guided tour through the rooms and halls of Castle Heidecksburg
Author: Frank Esche
Production: theater-spiel-laden


A chambermaid of the Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt princes guides and seduces you.


The prince and his household are off for hunting. The young and pretty chambermaid, without her husband or secret lover now, is bored to death. However, she has got a bright idea. She guides you through the prince’s chambers and starts chatting. She forgets her recommended discretion, disclosing some confidential secret.


Enter, guided by the chambermaid, into the glamorous world of former monarchs and take a look into the life at the court that is full of lust and frustration.



"A page tells rumours and risks his neck"

Ein Page redet sich um Kopf und Kragen

Guided tour through the ball rooms of Castle Heidecksburg
Author: Frank Esche
Production: theater-spiel-laden


The page of the Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt princes welcomes you. The young butler knows the most personal, amusing and delightful secrets of the court as well as the prince’s private life, and although he is advised to be discrete, he will tell you some private details of the noble family.


The chances are good, as the prince and his company just stay on Castle Schwarzburg. Please enter the pompous ball rooms and the prince’s page will guide you into the days of yore.



"Crooks, Horror and Spectres"

Gauner Grausen und Gespenster
Guided tour through the Thuringian Peasants’ Houses
Author: Frank Esche
Production: theater-spiel-laden


An itinerant pharmacist from the principality of Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt is talking. Just back from a long journey, he can tell you a lot of chilling, erotic, odd and delightful stories from this small principality.


He tells you secrets from the daily life of peasants and pharmacists and blusters about the trade of medicine and herbs in the Green Heart of Germany. Please enter the Thuringian Peasants’ Houses – the oldest open air museum of Germany – located in the romantic Heinrich-Heine-Park, and follow your guide into the days of yore.



"Schiller’s Secrets"

Schillernde Geheimnisse
Guided tour through the historical city of Rudolstadt
Author: Matthias Biskupek
Production: theater-spiel-laden


A love letter boy takes you into the days of Friedrich Schiller and talks about two hundred years of Schiller reception.


„Friedrich Schiller had affairs in Rudolstadt all the time he stayed here. And my great-great-great-grandfather as well as his aunts served like a mobile phone today. He was a rascal, the educated and later professor and court counsellor Fritz. Oh, I could tell you stories..., however, I’m discreet.


The service of a love letter boy has a long tradition. His ancestors are well-known in Rudolstadt and personally known by many residents. Please, follow him on his tour through the old town of Rudolstadt – but please, keep all the secret information about the residents of this town for yourself.



"Everything is askew in Rococo times, and the major-domo tells you why"

Im Rococo ist alles krumm
Guided tour through the permanent exhibition "Rococo in miniature" in the court kitchen of Castle Heidecksburg.
Authors: Gerhard Bätz, Manfred Kiedorf
Production: theater-spiel-laden


The personal physician of Majesty Taliari III, king of fantasy land Pelaria, had given an elixir to Lord Steward Rudolf of Schwatzburg, who thereupon grew to human size for a short time. He delivers insight to the miniature world of the Kingdoms of Pelaria and Dyonia. You can see the King of Pelaria travelling in his carriage or resting in the splendid chambers of his castle.


Join a journey into the lavish world of Rococo and learn about the small secrets behind splendid facades.




additional tours for groups of more than ten persons are possible after arrangement.
enquiries via: info@rudolstadt.de

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