Schillerís Favourite Place
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Friedrich Schiller felt very comfortable in the hamlet Volkstedt near the residence town Rudolstadt. In a letter of 1788, Friedrich Schiller wrote to his friend Christian Gottfried Körner: "The hamlet lies in the narrow and lovely valley of Saale between gently rising hills. Here, I have a very nice view upon the town that winds around the feet of a hill." Schiller climbed the sandstone rocks on the banks of Saale several times.

The councillor August Friedrich Werlich was an ardent admirer of Schiller. On his proposal and by his personal engagement, the memorial was created and inaugurated on 9. Mai 1830. It is maintained by many local Schiller enthusiasts and even today, Schiller’s favourite place is a destination at the so-called "Rudolstadt Riviera", which is often visited by the residents of Rudolstadt and its visitors.

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