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Town Hall


Originating from a plain and unadorned office building of the 17th century, the new town hall on the north side of Rudolstadt’s market square received its distinctive tower and Renaissance bay in 1912. At the same time, it got a rich but light interior design, which was preserved in later reconstructions and the renovation of 1992.
Recently, the town hall’s courtyard was made accessible to the public and several cultural events will take place there in the summer months. The town hall as well as the adjacent building of the former hotel "Zum Löwen" (the lion) is seat of the local authorities.


Old Town Hall

Altes Rathaus

The late-Gothic building of 1524 towers over the old town of Rudolstadt. In the 18th century, the building was reconstructed for several times and lost its importance by the inauguration of the new and bigger town hall on market square in 1912. In one of the sandstone bricks of the old town hall, the well-known "Rudolstädter Elle" – an old iron measuring gauge for cloth makers and street vendors – can be noticed.




Local Library


Originally, the building of 1609 on Schulplatz (school square) housed Rudolstadt’s old grammar school. Since 1896, it is place of the local library, first stocked with theological publications and extended by book of the former court library and donations later. The books became stock of the "Thuringian State Library Rudolstadt" in 1920. The extensive reconstructions of the historical building in 1996/97 provide respective conditions of a modern library today.




Craftsmen’s Yard


The Craftsmen’s Yard is in the midst of the historical city centre below Castle Heidecksburg. The main building, built in 1513, was the Berhardinen Home to single ladies of noble birth from 1759 to 1945. A precious coat of arms above the entrance on Stiftsgasse reminds of the founder Princess Bernhardine Christiane Sophie of Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt.

By support of the Thuringian Chamber of Trade, the building, which was partly damaged by fire, was reconstructed and received several extensions in 1991/92 to become the craftsmen’s yard of Rudolstadt. Small crafts shops, events and exhibitions as well as a guesthouse and café make the craftsmen’s yard a tourist attraction in the midst of the old city centre.





At the prince’s instigation, the theatre was built on the Anger square as a summer theatre in 1792/93. Managing the theatre in Rudolstadt from Weimar, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe was head of the theatre and its ensemble. There were several reconstructions of the original building in the course of time.

During an extensive reconstruction in 1982, a new audience room and stage hall were built. The ensemble of the "Thuringian State Theatre Rudolstadt" was included into an association of mutual interest – together with the "Thuringian Symphony Musicians of Saalfeld-Rudolstadt", who continue the traditions of the court orchestra, founded more than 350 years ago. After the disassociation of a perennial merger with the theatre of Eisenach, the Thuringian State Theatre Rudolstadt has been run independently again since the season of 2003/04.

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